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"COLD" Single CD

Image of "COLD" Single CD


Scarecrow Child Records Presents: The New Single by: DARK$IDE titled "COLD" off the upcoming EP "Isolated", this CD Single is for purpose of collection and promotion there will only be 10 of these CD's pressed ever, be sure to pick up the new album coming October 1st, 2015 before the nationwide Crows On The Road Tour.

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[Anybody who purchases this CD will receive a discount code for the upcoming EP "Isolated"]

*This is a Pre-Order item please place order separately from any other items you may purchase it will not ship until late September, There is 4 different options for this item Option 1 will come unopened and will be signed on the shrink wrap, Option 2 will come unopened and not signed, Option 3 will come unwrapped and signed on the cover art and Option 4 The only 1 of of the 10 CD's that will be different then the rest featuring a completely new cover this option comes unopened and signed on the shrink wrap, Please be sure to choose the right option that would be to your liking, 90% of profits will go towards the Crows On The Road Tour and 10% will go towards the release of "Isolated"*